Don’t Forget To Breathe


This is me today, singing out loud while I walk 1.5 miles. I may or may not have been singing the theme song to Moana, luckily you can’t hear a picture. Sorry to the neighbors that heard me!

I know I look rough, that’s the nature of working out. Let’s be honest, I’m not trying to impress anybody or look my best while I’m drenched in sweat and hoping that my workout pants aren’t riding up. I’m just trying to get healthy. I’m also trying to remember to breathe while I workout.

I don’t hit the gym for my workouts, instead I hit the road. I decided that the best place for me to start is getting comfortable with fitness is in my own back yard. (figuratively speaking of course)

This time of year in Texas is nice and breezy without being too hot or too cold. I worked up a pretty good sweat, although you can’t tell because there was an excellent breeze blowing.

For anyone who is curious my current workout routine is this:


  1. High step 30 reps
  2. Modified wood choppers 30 reps (no weights currently body resistance is enough at the moment)
  3. 30 second modified plank (straight body with knees on the floor instead of on your toes)
  4. Wall pushups 30 reps
  5. Squats 30 reps
  6. Walking 1.5 miles or more depending on what I’m feeling that day. Some days I can do more, my best so far is 4.3!


Don’t worry if you’re not where I’m at in your weight loss journey, everybody starts somewhere. I did not begin here, this is 2 months of hard work after living a mostly sedentary life. Just start somewhere, you can do it!

Please feel free to comment, like, and share! I am more than willing to answer questions, or fill requests. Remember, when fleeing obesity run, don’t walk!




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