The Terrible No Good Very Bad Diet

bad diet

This week I have not been living up to my aspirations of losing weight. Here in South Texas it’s finally gotten cold and yucky, and it could snow! We all know what that means though, it drives you indoors and because you’re cold you don’t want to do much, and comfort eating becomes a thing. The kids & you hunker down in your big bed with some snacks, and watch TV and stay warm.

I’ve eaten out 4 times this week, you read that right, 4. I made a pledge when I started this journey that eating out had to stop, and it did for a couple of months. Then I got busy and stuff got in the way, and now I’m realizing the value of meal planning and preparing it ahead of time. Also, I made bad choices when it came to ordering food. Not because they didn’t have better food, but because I simply skipped over it in favor of that fried chicken sandwich or pizza. (This would be a good place for wordpress to include emoji’s so I can eye roll at myself.)

I’m sure the question plaguing us all here is have I gained any weight this week? Luckily, I have not gained any weight back, I’m just maintaining my current weight of 299.6. This week, I need the scale to start moving again! No more eating out, and back to the grocery store today to get some healthier food back in this house.

On the plus side, my Aunt has these really old chairs at her house that have arms on them, and previously I could not fit in these chairs. I tried sitting in one the other day, and not only do I fit now, I have room to move around! If you’ve ever had a significant amount of weight to lose that prohibited you from doing certain things, you’ll know how huge those kinds of wins can be for you. Talk about a confidence booster!

If you’re struggling at all, I’m right there with you! Keep at it, and always look for the positive side of this journey. All too often we get mired down in the negative or just plain stupid things we do and it really kills the motivation. This week may you find the win you need to keep going, may the cold chill just your body and not your motivation, and may you choose the salad instead of the pizza!

Comment below if you’re having struggles this week, don’t forget to like and share! 🙂


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