12 Supportive Gifts For Friends Or Loved Ones Dedicated To Fitness Or Weight Loss This Holiday Season 2017



Showing your support to your loved one or friend who is trying to lose weight or get fit is so important. The support of our family and friends can sometimes make or break our decisions. If you’re not sure how to support them or show your admiration for their hard work this holiday season, I have scoured the internet for you to give you some great ideas on where to start! (Full disclosure before you read this article, it does contain affiliate links.) Enjoy!

  1. Pepper Spray We all know women who like to run or walk down the block, at the track at a local college or high school, or even at the gym. Whether you’re leaving the gym to your parked car, or need a little extra security for that run outside at the local school facilities, pepper spray is the perfect gift for any woman in your life! Especially this tiny little compact bottle that looks just like a lipstick or perfume.
  2. Itunes Gift Cards There’s nothing better than having some good tunes going when you’re getting your workout on. Music gift cards are always a welcome gift for your friend or loved one who is losing weight or getting their fitness on this holiday season.
  3. Meal Prep Containers During weight loss, portion control is a huge deal, if your friend or loved one has been looking into meal prepping encourage them by buying them some meal prep containers!
  4. Subscription To A Meal Kit Service Do you have a person in your life who is dedicated to losing weight, but they don’t know how to cook? Maybe they are a little confused to what a portion size should look like? Consider getting them a subscription to a meal kit service. These services will send out all of the ingredients they need, as well as detailed instructions on how to cook the recipes included in the kit.
  5. Smoothie Blender If you have a friend who is really into making smoothies for weight loss, or maybe their blender broke and they’re missing their favorite smoothies in their diet. Perhaps your friend or loved one mentioned the desire to start making smoothies? This little gadget is perfect for making a single serving at a time with a take-a-long bottle.
  6. Sweat Band Head Bands When you’re getting your workout on, there’s nothing worse than sweat flowing into your eyes and face. Sweat bands make a great, affordable gift for you to give to that friend or loved one who is making a huge lifestyle change.
  7. Resistance Bands If you have a friend or loved one who isn’t ready to workout with weights, but desires to start somewhere, these are great! They give you a level of resistance, without being too much. They can also function as workout asisstance for those who may have trouble standing or being stable while working out.
  8. Fitness Tracker When you think of a fitness tracker you may be thinking of the more expensive variety such as a fitbit, these are great little devices, but there are more affordable ones out there. Such as this cute purple one I found on Amazon. This is a great gift to encourage your friend or loved ones fitness endeavors. (It also comes in multiple colors!)
  9. Headphones We all lose them, and they are so useful for everyday life. Having a good pair of headphones for those everyday workouts is a MUST! These make a great gift for the fitness buff, or friend/love one who is losing weight in your life.
  10. Workout Journal Some people need to see their stats and progress on paper. If you have a friend or loved one who is into fitness or trying to lose weight, and is also super organized, this would be the perfect gift for them! It helps you to track your food and workouts in one easy place.
  11. Motivational Jewelry What better way to show your support than giving your friend or loved one a piece of jewelry that lets them know that you’re behind them! Encouraging words engraved forever on a piece of metal, how could you go wrong?!
  12. Workout Top What woman could resist this workout top? No matter who you are, humor is a good way to push through those workouts. Often times it can inspire others, and make them wonder where you got your workout gear from. 😉


With that we wrap up our list of  12 Supportive gifts for your fitness buff or friend/loved one losing weight. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comments below.

May your light shine brighter, your food taste sweeter, and your wins be more plentiful this week!